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Amelia Ann Photo – Denver Wedding + Family Photographer



Love is what I do best. I see it, feel it, and document it. It brings me joy and connects me with humanity. I love discovering life’s daily humors and moments of beauty. I feel truly honored to be a part of a couple’s wedding celebration and pour my heart into each and every project. I love creating natural, beautiful portraits but I primarily photograph candidly in order to capture the authenticity of a wedding celebration or family session. I was trained in Commercial Photography at the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California 7 years ago, interned in Los Angeles and New York, and returned to start my own business. My philosophy is to capture your day as it happens and to be truly present, so that I can see and anticipate your love and how you express it. We will plan your day ahead of time – I will scout your locations and will dream up authentic, cinematic portrait ideas. However, on the day of your wedding I’m there to observe and experience, and I can’t wait.