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  • Photographers need space. Try not to book the smallest hotel room because it’s the cheapest. You don’t want the only feasible location for putting make-up on to be a small dimly lit bathroom.


  • Photographers appreciate natural light, especially when taking beauty shots. Even if flashes can be bounced off of a ceiling or a wall, natural light is nearly always more flattering. If renting a hotel room, consider how much natural light it offers – if the room is large, do large windows exist? Are they on more than 1 side of a room? Is there an accessible balcony?


  • Choose a getting ready location that means something to you, if possible. Locations that have meaning often lead to photographs that have meaning.


  • Think about keeping a clean room. Try and keep clutter to a minimum. This room tends to have bags, hangers and trash all over it and that can make it difficult to produce beautiful, clean imagery. Also, clean the mirrors of your home or hotel room – wall mirrors, hand mirrors – any mirrors.


  • If you are close with your parents, have them join you during your getting ready period. The more time you spend with loved ones, the more opportunity a photographer has to find touching moments.


  • If possible, plan the bride and groom’s getting ready locations nearby one another. Often the primary photographer will want to visit both locations on the morning of your wedding day. If there are two photographers, they won’t want to be doing considerable traveling.


  • Think about the details of your getting ready room just as you would think about the reception details. Meaningful elements of any kind are helpful to a photographer.



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